2023-01-10 by kenjis

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Thanks to the team and many contributors, we released v4.3.0 with lots of enhancements.

Unfortunately, there are some breaking changes, so please upgrade with caution. Please read the ChangeLog and the Upgrading Guide carefully.

You must update the spark executable and a few Config files.

Most existing apps will not need more intervention, unless you use your own classes that extend framework classes.

And some of the default Config values in the Config files have changed, but existing apps will most likely not break unless you change the Config values by yourself.

This release contains over 50 enhancements. A few things I want to highlight:

  • Query Builder supports upsert() and upsertBatch(), deleteBatch(), and now *batch() methods can set data from a query
  • Database Forge supports adding indexes in the existing tables and named indexes
  • "spark route" command enhancements
  • Improvement for CLI command testing
  • View Cells enhancements

You can see the list of enhancements in the ChangeLog

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