2022-06-02 by Lonnie Ezell

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One of the most requested features in CodeIgniter for years has been an authentication/authorization solution. I'm proud to announce that today is that day. CodeIgniter now has an official auth library: Shield.

Among the many features that Shield ships with are:

  • Session-based authentication (traditional email/password with remember me)
  • Stateless authentication using Personal Access Tokens
  • Optional Email verification on account registration
  • Optional Email-based Two Factor Authentication after login
  • Magic Login Links when a user forgets their password
  • Flexible groups-based access control (think roles, but more flexible)
  • Users can be granted additional permissions
  • User Entity and UserModel ready for you to use or extend
  • A simple helper that provides access to the most common auth actions
  • Easily extendable controllers
  • All required views that can be used as is or swapped out for your own
  • Highly configurable
  • Built to extend and modify
  • Save initial settings in your code so it can be in version control, but can also be updated in the database, thanks to our Settings library

While this is a beta release, it already provides a fairly thorough set of features, that should handle the needs of 80% of the projects your work on. We hope you find it helpful, and we're looking forward to see it continue to help you build secure applications in the future.

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